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Our team have what might be best described as a “long history” together. The cumulative experience of our core team totals nearly half a century in Project Management and Project Management Office experience. The diverse industry expertise within our team from banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, energy, chemical, allows cross industry experience to be brought to each and every engagement.

We are passionate about applying integrated, innovative solutions to our clients’ organizational strategic missions using diverse talent while seeking out the best in software solutions, partnering with other companies so that we can bring the best solutions to our clients for both breadth and depth. Working closely with our software partners we can develop customised software to meeting our client’s business needs.


We are a business that only wants to work with you if we can add value to your business or organisation. If we do believe we can then we will tell you so.


NJM staff never stop learning. We take an active part in events and activities of the various Chambers of Commerce that we are associated with, as well as the Institute of Directors. We take up every offer of site visits to factories, depots, logistics hubs, dock-sides and construction sites because sooner or later we know we will be able to assist our clients with some snipped of knowledge gained from these events. We especially like research centre visits where the Industry 4.0 technology is being developed at an amazing pace. It is our firm belief that companies that do not have University links put themselves at a major disadvantage in the market place, and NJM prefer not to be disadvantaged.


Continuing Education

We all are continually improving our skills and knowledge adjusting to meet best practices and methodologies. We encourage and assist our employees to train further in many areas such as PMO practice, project management, finance, data visualisation, data management, Python and API development.

Certifications Include: 

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) 
  • Prince 2
  • ITILv 3
  • Open Data Governance and Use (TU Delft)
  • Data Analysis (TU Delft)
  • Data Analysis: Visualization and Dashboard Design (TU Delft)


Regional Development Involvement

We are based along the East-West Tech Corridor in the UK and are active in the regional development organisations from Norfolk through to Oxfordshire. We also have staff in the Netherlands who are active in the The Hague Security Delta, RoboValley and SmartCity Amsterdam.

NJM Consulting & the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the not-too-distant future, the digitisation of industry (Industry 4.0) will change the way our society works, produces and lives. Therefore, it is appropriate that we all fully engage in how to fully benefit society as a whole from the opportunities new technologies offer for companies, and indeed for everyone, in a global context. In our view, Industry 4.0 is without doubt an area where understatement would be out of place because it is going to reach deep into all our lives and change them.

We at NJM want to play a part in making those change so that they are to the better of society as a whole and help make the transformations in technology better not just in the sense of the things it involves but in the people too.

Learn more at our 4th Industrial Revolution web site HERE.

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