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At NJM Consulting we run a second web site where we invite those who are as passionate about the 4th Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0 if you prefer, as we are to contribute, network or just tell us about Industry 4.0 events.

In the course of our business we noticed the apprehension  in many of our clients and their staff about the possible impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on their future prospects. The media are printing alarming reports about how robots and artificial intelligence are going to wipe out forty percent of all current jobs while adding little or no insight or context around these figures. Meanwhile existing businesses, built and perfected over decades, are become worried by the disruptive implications of Industry 4.0 and while they try to focus on how it will impact them its remains a daunting prospect to be faced.

The main differences between previous industrial revolutions and the Fourth is the pace of change, because technology breakthroughs are happening at a rate unprecedented in history. NJM Consulting sends it’s staff to attend courses at universities where we quite literally see the technology evolve right before our eyes so we really do appreciate the scale of disruption. Today, every industry is being transformed at an accelerating speed, yet we feel education is not being transformed fast enough or in the right ways. It is the transformation in the education space that will ultimately be key to easing the pain of society’s transformation.

Industry 4.0 Inspiring PEOPLE !

During the course of our networking we have encountered some of the most creative and enthusiastic imaginations, people who really want to make a positive difference to the world by using Industry 4.0. We have seen Clean-Tech power, low carbon solutions to living (our Norwich office is in a Low Carbon Centre) , empowerment solutions for the poor, living improvements for the disabled, financial & legal access services access for all.

It is striking that often the creators in the 4th Industrial Revolution have less interest in personal wealth and more interest the betterment of their society and planet. Does this not make it worth being a part of?


The key things to remember in this revolution are:

  1. We are all in this together, we are all stakeholders in the future.
  2. Machines are not the enemy, they are our tools and as such society has to ensure they are used to everyone’s mutual benefit.
  3. Human creativity is key, without it the 4th Industrial Revolution will stagnate and fail.


We Want to Hear From Hear you

We would like to hear from you. If you have something you would like to contribute, a link to share, an event to promote, an idea to float or something to blog.

We also like to hear from schools, colleges, and higher education organisations. If you have something to say or an event please contact us and we will always try to assist you, or find someone else who can via our Industry 4.0 network !

And Yes, We Really Do Mean It’s Free !


At this time we have no plans to charge for using this site, it is free. The 4th Industrial Revolution is our interest, we just wish to learn and network and we hope others will too.

Our 4th Industrial Revolution site about informing, networking, collaborating – that is it !

We hope contributors will wish to reach out to each other and talk about business or collaboration, when you do we would like you to tell us your story.