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Why have Programme/Project Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS)?

A PMO should be the central hub of any programme delivering projects. It’s tasks can include the direct support of project managers, building central competencies, methods, processes, and in-house standards. As we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution, where the stakes for project delivery are higher, focus needs to lie in strategic project management.

PMO as a Service PMO serves as a critical link between executive vision and the work of the enterprise. We optimise selection of the right projects, programs, and portfolios for approval. We then work to ensure that they are aligned with strategic business goals. We work top to bottom all over an organization and interacts with the outside of an organization

NJMC provides Project Portfolio Management Office as a Service (PMOaaS) which provides a spectrum of PMO service packages with options to include project prioritization, resource planning/modelling and analytical decision making.

An important task of the PMO is to provide the right tools for project, portfolio and resource management (PPM). Due to our many years of experience, we have an extensive network of partner companies and affiliates who can provide other key support services from specialist Industry 4.0 resourcing, Intellectual Property experts, cyber security and network services. Working with our partners we can bring software customisation to our clients who have more specific requirements.

We Worry, So You Don’t Have To.

NJM Consulting’s team has been carefully chosen to produce a members with a Subject Matter Expert in each field. This combined with an internal programme of constant knowledge transfer ensures that everyone can step in to fill a role at a moments notice thus giving our client multiple levels of redundancy in the services we provide.

NJM work to a defined set of internal processes developed from industry standard P30 processes to ensure that each and every task we perform has a High Level Process (HLP)  and a set of detail Working Instructions (WIs). Each client account has a Planner who schedules the Service Package work and ensures that all tasks are carried out to the agreed schedule by monitoring task completion.

NJM have drawn upon the combined experience of our staff to pick the best software to allow us to deliver to our clients. We work closely with software vendors in order to extract the best from the applications in order to optimise our workflow and thus our client delivery. This close working relationship has led to partnerships with those companies and if at any time we feel our client’s best interests are better served by having a direct relationship with any particular partner vendor we will recommend such an action and facilitate contact.

Consistency, Scale-ability & Performance

Consistency – From the definition of the scope of our service packages, to agreed variances made through a formal contract change note (CCN) process we produce predictable, repeatable results, at a predictable price. We strive to make your PMO a success driven by repeatable, execution driven delivery.

Scalability – As your organisation or portfolio grows or contracts NJM can flex to meet your changing organisational. Pick the Service Package you require, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum and we will deliver to that package and you will know your per-project costs. If your needs change a simple Contract Change Note (CCN) can move your Service Package.  Your own staffing levels can remain the same while we scale to provide your service.

Performance – Each service package comes with a well defined scope and a set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We constantly monitor our performance to ensure performance is delivered and share this monitoring with our client. If any of our predictive indicators highlight an issue we take swift action to correct it before the SLA is breached. Our motivation and delivery performance are our drivers to satisfaction land greater success.